CIPCE warns FATF about the current measures of the Argentine State in the matter of money laundering

 CIPCE warns FATF about the current measures of the Argentine State in the matter of money laundering


Today, CIPCE has sent a note to the Chairman of the International Financial Action Task Force (FATF), one of the world's leading agencies on money laundering prevention issues expresing its concern about the situation of the Argentine State given the current policies enforced towards money laundering and tax evasion.

During the last year, the Financial Information Unit –and the Executive Branch of the National Government– have been promoting a set of decisions with extremely negative effects regarding the prevention of money laundering. One of the most recent actions is the Decree 1206/16 of the Executive Branch related to the law 27.260, which regulates a voluntary tax compliance program. One should take in account that this law forbids public servants to benefit from this program (article 82). It also forbids family members of public servants to access the program (article 83). However, through out this Decree, the Government has allowed family members to enter the voluntary tax compliance program, by only fulfilling minimum requirements. Therefore, the Government has violated the spirit of the bill passed by the National Congress. This way, the Executive Branch is providing an amnesty for economic crimes despite the Legislative Branch had established a specific prohibition to this matter.

That is why, the CIPCE contacted the FATF to ask the Argentine Executive Branch to comply with the international standards of prevention of money laundering in the .

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