Criminal procedure reform & economic crime (Carrara, 2015)

This is an article written by Agustín Carrara, CIPCE’s Executive Director, published in the law journal “En Letra”, number 3 (2015).

In this article the author analyses how the federal criminal procedure reform will have an impact on the investigation and prosecution of economic crime and other complex criminal phenomena. In the first part of the paper, the current situation of the justice system regarding economic crime is briefly introduced, in order to show its inefficiency. After that, in the main section of the article, some of the primary changes that the reform will bring are addressed. It is explained why each one of these structural modifications is necessary, and how this will contribute to improve the performance of the justice system concerning this type of crimes. Then the leading role that the Office of the Prosecutor will perform in the new system is analysed. Finally, the author offers some insight on the current context and the perspectives for the future.

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