Database on economic crimes in Argentina

When CIPCE was created in 2003, in Argentina there was no accurate database on economic crimes. This meant the absence of reliable sources of information where data were collected and systematized. Which therefore made even more difficult to identify patterns and regularities of this criminal phenomenon making even more difficult its effective prosecution.

That's why one of our first actions as an organization was to create a database of free public access. Our database stores information on several cases of corruption and economic crime emerged in recent decades. We concentrated in those cases which arouse public interest and serious social harm, as well as those which involved the political and economic power. We gather the information around different criteria such as persons and companies involved, the specific crimes are under investigation, the amount of money involved, among other factors.

Given the large number of existing cases and the amount work involved, we don't have the time and resources to gather and process the information of every case. That is why our database stores a set of cases that whishes to be as diverse and rich as possible. We are constantly adding new cases, whether new or old in time. Therefore, we are open to any comments that would help us expand the information of the base.


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