Specialization in economic criminal law

Between October and November 2014, CIPCE organized the fifth edition of its Specialization Course in Economic Criminal Law.

The eight classes included the following subjects: criminal policy and organized crime; the Public Prosecutors facing complex criminal phenomena; money laundering; financial crime and bank frauds; offenses to the exchange control regime and capital flight; assets recovery; social and economic crisis and modern economic criminal law; and tax evasion.

The team of professors included Alberto Binder, Carlos Gonella, Pedro Biscay, Josefina Minatta, Pablo Farsa, Carmen Chena, Carlos Cruz and Cecilia Vazquez.

The group of professionals that attended the course includes lawyers, accountants, journalists and political scientists, among others. They work at the Public Prosecution, the Financial Information Unit, the Judiciary, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, among other organisms.

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